ASLA/ACE Mentor Program Legacy Project

ASLA/ACE Mentor Program Legacy Project

In 2008, ASLA introduced the Legacy Project as a gift to the host city of the annual meeting and EXPO. The host chapter teams up with the local affiliate of the ACE Mentor Program to design a project to be installed after the meeting. Many EXPO exhibitors donate products and plants each year for the project, allowing ASLA to give back to the city that hosts the meeting.

The Louisiana Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), in partnership with the ACE Mentor Program, Downtown Development District of New Orleans, Orleans Parish School Board, Recovery School District – International High School, McDonough 35 and De La Salle High School, is in the early stages of designing an Urban Park in downtown New Orleans. The site is on the school grounds of the International High School, 727 Carondelet St., New Orleans, LA 70130. The city is in desperate need of open green space downtown. Unifying the community and students of the city would be a great way to express change. The park will teach the community how it’s possible to reclaim open spaces in downtown New Orleans and lead by example. This park will be open to the public.


ItemQuantity UnitsAdditional Description
Site Furniture
Shade Structure (roughly 25' x 30')730SFPergola type wood structure
Trash Receptacles4EA
Drinking Fountain and Connections1EA
Lightingpoles, string lights, low voltage uplighting
Benches8EA5', 6', 8' or 10' L
Tables & Chairs6setsoutdoor eating areas for various sized groups
Stadium/Amphitheater seating200SFTerraced benches; Other large site seating
Play Structure/Interactive Sculpture
Park Entry Signage Arch1EAroughly 10' L
Sponsor/Stakeholder Plaques2EAroughly 2' x 2'
Plant Material
Shrubs350EAentry, green screens
Turf1850SF2 play areas
Trees & Staking Kits26EAspecies vary
Living wall - Plants700SFspecies vary
Irrigation System2000SFturf & shrub ares
Suspended Pavement System720SFi.e. Silva Cell type products for trees
Green Screens
315LFsides and back
Ornamental Fencing40LFfront of site
Double Entry Gate1EApublic entrance
Single Entry Gate
1EAschool entrance
Living Wall - Plant Wall40-60LF10-12' Height
Concrete700SFamphitheater seating area
Pavers1000SFseating area, teaching area
Permeable Pavers1000SFseating area, teaching area
Foyer Paving600SFentryway
Stormwater Management Facilities
SWM soil40CYbioswale
SWM shrubs175EAbioswale
SWM pipe160LF6" perforated
Educational Signage2EAroughly 2' x 2'
Audio/Visual Equipment
Outdoor Projector1EAteaching/movie area
Outdoor Projector Screen (roughly 15')1EAteaching/movie area

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