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Landscape Architecture Magazine


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Senior Editor
Landscape Architect Magazine

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Yishuang She
Editorial Director
LA Frontiers


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The Dirt

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Alpa Nawre
Journal of Architectural Education


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Planning Magazine


James Brasuell
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Theresa Ramisch
TOPOS/Callwey Publishing House

Pitch your recently completed and upcoming projects and story ideas to prominent publications in the design, garden, and shelter industries. No project is too big or too small! Editors will be added to the schedule, so please be sure to check back for session updates.

“ It’s hard to overstate the usefulness of our Meet the Editors sessions to the magazine. The LAM editorial staff relies on these face-to-face conversations with members to learn about projects (whether design, research, community, or others) we might not otherwise discover, and several of our most successful stories in recent years have come as adirect result of members signing up to show us their work and ideas.”


To help you prepare for your 15 minute session, here is a list of what to bring:

  • A two paragraph project description
  • A leave-behind portfolio on a disk with 20 photos, project summary, and contact information (will not be returned).
  • Note if the project has been or will be published by another publication
  • A list of any awards the attendee has won for their work
  • No more than three recently completed or upcoming projects per attendee.

No more than three recently completed or upcoming projects per attendee.
Meet the Editors is an exclusive opportunity for landscape design professionals only. Products and other pitches will not be entertained at this time.

Saturday, October 22

TimeLandscape Architecture MagazineThe DIRTLandscape Architecture FrontiersJournal of Architectural EducationPlanetizenTOPOS
9:00 AM  Booked    Available
9:15 AM  Booked   Available
9:30 AM Booked   Available
9:45 AM  Booked   Available
10:00 AM Booked   Available
10:15 AM  Booked   Available
10:30 AM  Booked    Booked
10:45 AM  Booked   Available
11:00 AM  Available   Booked
11:15 AM   Available  Booked
11:30 AM   Booked  Available
11:45 AM  Available   Booked
12:00 PM   Available  Available
12:15 PM  Booked  Available
12:30 PM  Booked  Available
12:45 PM  Booked  Available
1:00 PM Booked   Available
1:15 PM Booked   Available
1:30 PM Booked   Available
1:45 PM  Available  Booked
2:00 PM  Booked   Available
2:15 PM Available   Available
2:30 PM  Available   Available
2:45 PM Booked   Available
3:00 PM   
3:15 PM   
3:30 PM    Booked
3:45 PM    Booked
4:00 PM     Booked
4:15 PM    Booked
4:30 PM     Booked
4:45 PM    Booked

Sunday, October 23

TimeLandscape Architecture MagazinePlanning Magazine
9:00 AM Booked
9:15 AM  Available
9:30 AM  Available
9:45 AM  Available
10:00 AM  Available
10:15 AM  Available
10:30 AM  Available
10:45 AM  Available
11:00 AM 
11:15 AM 
11:30 AM 
11:45 AM 
12:00 PM 
12:15 PM 
12:30 PM 
12:45 PM 
1:00 PM  Booked Booked
1:15 PM  Available Booked
1:30 PM Booked  Available
1:45 PM  Available Booked
2:00 PM  Available  Available
2:15 PM  Available  Available
2:30 PM  Available  Available
2:45 PM Booked  Available
3:00 PM 
3:15 PM 
3:30 PM 
3:45 PM 
4:00 PM 
4:15 PM 
4:30 PM 
4:45 PM 

Please note that the slot you select will not be reserved until you receive a confirmation e-mail.